Author: Apple on Today, 07:43
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SopoTube for YouTube + AdBlock 1.0 macOS

SopoTube for YouTube + AdBlock 1.0 | macOS | 15 mb
The best App to watch YouTube on Mac and unique app with the download feature! + AdBlock R30;

Author: Apple on Today, 07:42
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macOS Server 5.6.3

macOS Server 5.6.3 Multilingual | macOS | 208 mb
Designed for macOS and iOS devices, macOS Server makes it easy to share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, develop software, host your own website, publish wikis, configure Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices, remotely access your network, and more. macOS Server is an application you can add to macOS right from the Mac App Store.

Author: Apple on Today, 07:41
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Mach Desktop 3.0.1 macOS

Mach Desktop 3.0.1 | macOS | 456 mb
Introducing Mach Desktop version 3.0: The most advanced and beautiful wallpaper application ever conceived for a personal computer! Mach Desktop features 50 stunning dynamic Themes; allows you to load your own Videos, GIFs, or Quartz Compositions as Wallpaper, and allows you to add over 30 different Widgets to your Desktop.

Author: Apple on Today, 07:39
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iMazing 2.7.0 (9517) Multilingual macOS

iMazing 2.7.0 (9517) Multilingual | macOS | 110 mb
iMazing is a comprehensive macOS software solution that provides a clean and organized interface for browsing the contents of any device running iOS. Moreover, the iMazing app is able to detect any iOS device as soon you connect it to your Mac and will automatically load its contents for easy and simple browsing.

Author: Apple on Today, 07:38
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Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 Multilingual macOS

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.5 (5549) Multilingual macOS | 32 Mb
Introducing Carbon Copy Cloner 5: The smarter, easier CCC. The first bootable backup solution for the Mac is better than ever. When disaster strikes your hard disk, you can boot from your backup and keep working. Troubleshoot the problem disk when you have time to spare.

Author: Apple on Today, 07:37
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Alien Skin Exposure X4 v4.0.1.26 (x64)

Alien Skin Exposure X4 v4.0.1.26 (x64) | 435 Mb
Exposure X4 - it's the latest version of our advanced photo editor and organizer, and it brings with it powerful new capabilities. Photographers of all genres will find Exposure X4 to be the only app they need to create gorgeous images and master their workflow in a fast, intuitive way.

Author: Apple on Today, 07:36
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Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle v4.0.1.27 (x64)

Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle v4.0.1.27 (x64) | 465.6 Mb
The Exposure X Bundle is a photo editor and organizer that integrates all of Alien Skin's award-winning photo editing apps into a single product. The centerpiece of the bundle is Exposure X, the editing app that streamlines your workflow and provides a rich set of creative tools. Two additional apps expand the creative possibilities: Blow Up 3 enlarges your photos into large prints with the sharpest resizing technology available, and Snap Art 4 transforms your photos into gorgeous, handcrafted paintings.

Author: Apple on Today, 06:44
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Athentech Perfectly Clear WorkBench

Athentech Perfectly Clear WorkBench (x64) | 49.2 Mb
Perfectly Clear Workbench is an application that uses Athentech's Perfectly Clear image correction libraries and is made available to demonstrate the capabilities of the Perfectly Clear processing libraries, face detection library and to allow a quick export of the processing settings for use.

Author: Apple on Today, 06:42
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Athentech Perfectly Clear Essentials

Athentech Perfectly Clear Essentials (x64) | 88 Mb
Athentech has released a new product called Perfectly Clear Essentials. This product contains all of the Tone, Color, and Details controls that can give you perfect exposure, great color, and sharp photos with no noise. All of the preset functionality, as well as Creative LOOKs and Corrective Filters, are also unlocked.

Author: Apple on Today, 06:41
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Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete

Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete (x64) | 88.1 Mb
Standalone & Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Built for precision. Made for beauty. Above all, you want better photos. But what if you could have better photos faster? Perfectly Clear has mastered the science of intelligent image correction - creating superior quality photos in record time, so you can get back to doing what you really loveR30;in no time.

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